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Al Hikma, meaning Wisdom, embodies a noble initiative established to perpetuate the philanthropic legacy of the late Al Haj Ghulam Shabbir Qureshi rahmatullah alaih. Our mission extends beyond mere charity; it is a commitment to uplifting the lives of those facing adversity, especially in Azad Kashmir, a region where more than 4 million individuals inhabit over 10 districts, a significant proportion of whom grapple with poverty.

Al Hikma has organically evolved, broadening its reach to encompass a wider spectrum of individuals in need. This expansion has enabled us to extend our cause to individuals who share our compassionate ethos, forging partnerships with like-minded friends, donors, and families who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate.

Our primary focus lies in executing projects that address fundamental human needs, primarily in the domains of food, eye care, water accessibility, and emergency services. By strategically targeting these areas, we aim to provide sustainable solutions that alleviate the immediate challenges faced by the underprivileged.

A hallmark of our commitment is the unwavering belief that every donation should directly contribute to the causes we champion, without any deductions or unnecessary expenses. We uphold the principle that 100% of the funds received are channelled towards impactful initiatives, ensuring transparency, and maximizing the positive outcomes of our collective efforts.

At Al Hikma, we view wisdom not only as a name but as a guiding principle, steering us towards compassionate and effective philanthropy. With an unwavering dedication to our cause, we strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it the most, fostering a legacy of wisdom through the tangible impact of our charitable endeavours.




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Our main projects are in the areas of food, eye, water and emergency services.

We believe that 100% of donations should be delivered to causes without any deductions and expense.


We endeavour to tackle and counter hardship using the pearls of wisdom taught to us by Al Haj Ghulam Shabbir Qureshi, who was guided by the teachings of Islam. We plan to break the cycle of poverty by providing access to the necessities of life.


We plan to work together to improve and strengthen our communities. Our vision is the alleviation of poverty, education for all, and the provision of basic amenities for those in need; in order to create a world where charity and compassion produce justice, self-reliance and human development.

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